Barely Holding On

David and Judy had a fairytale life, and they were married for twenty-two years. Donnie was their only child, and he moved far from them and has a life of his own. Now that David has passed, Judy is alone. She is struggling to cope with her circumstances. Her best friend, Susan with whom she has been friends with since grade school, arrives to help Judy navigate her way through her life. Judy is angry at God for the loss of her husband and has turned her back on Him. Living through her most devastating moment once was terrible, but having to relive it again when she learns new information is horrific. Susan, along with Donnie and his new wife, Sheila, help Judy find her way through these heart wrenching times and eventually Judy finds her way back to God.

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Book Title: Barely Holding On

Book Author: Lorie Patterson

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