Hey Cancer, F**K You!: A Memoir with a Message

Hey Cancer, F**K You! is a memoir with a message. The book is a chronicle of the first ten years of my confrontation with incurable, metastatic neuroendocrine cancer. From the stunning surprise of being diagnosed through a near fatal episode of disease progression which forced my retirement from Emergency Medicine, the narrative documents living with an incurable, ultimately fatal disease without permitting the disease to define my life. It is intended to inform, inspire and entertain. Although written from the perspective of a patient who is also a physician, the book is not clinical. The information is presented for the lay-person and when medical terms are used, brief explanations accompany. The narrative illustrates an approach to living with incurable cancer, which can be extrapolated to other chronic diseases. I incorporate “life-goes-on” moments and some humor, typically self-deprecating to entertain. By emphasizing there is nothing special about me, I hope to convince the reader that she/he can meet a similar challenge. The book’s pace, brevity (no more than 30,000 words) and illustrations will prevent reader boredom.

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Book Title: Hey Cancer, F**K You!: A Memoir with a Message

Book Author: Lewis Shaw

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